Dusty CropHopper Wing Control Review

Flying with Dusty Crophopper Wing Control RC PlaneThanks for visiting http:/www.DustyCrophopperRC.com.  Our intention here is to give you a introduction to Dusty CropHopper and Review the RC toy inspired by him the Disney Planes Dusty CropHopper Wing Control Remote Controlled Plane.  If you have come to this site because a little one you know insists they NEED this toy but you are not sure who Dusty CropHopper is, check out the “Who is Dusty CropHopper” page.  If you are looking for information about this RC toy, it’s benefits and features, read on.

Dusty Crophopper Wing Control RC Features:

  • Dusty Crophopper Wing Control is inspired by the star of Disney & Pixar’s hit movie “Planes” a spinoff from the “Cars” series.
  • This toy is an exact replica of Dusty Crophopper from the movie and has all the same features and markings.
  • It has over 40 phrases and sounds that your child will recognize from the movie, and it for sure sounds just like Dusty.
  • Easy to use role play remote controls that are worn over your child’s hands.  When your child moves Dusty mimics their motions.
  • Dusty will speak commands like “bank left” when given a command or controlled with the remote.
  • There is an easy access button on the top of Dusty that initiates a pre-programmed cycle of 3 moves.
  • Dusty CropHopper Wing Control Remote Controlled Plane requires 4 AA and 2 AAA batteries for full functionality.
  • This toy is recommend for children 3 – 6 years of age.

Dusty’s Pros

The most unique feature of Dusty Crophopper is the RC controllers, the set comes with Dusty Crophopper  RC vehicle and a left wing and right wing controller.  To get Dusty moving all you need to do is push a button and his propellers start spinning and he drives forward.  The controllers are worn around you child hands, when they outstretch their arms like Dusty’s wings and move, dive and turn, Dusty follows.  He will even call out some commands like “bank left” that your young flyer and he can perform together.Dusty Crophopper Wing Control RC Plane

Dusty can also perform on his own.  By pressing the button on top of the plane, it will perform in a series, 3 pre-programmed maneuvers, Kids Love it!

Dusty Crophopper Wing Control RC Plane not only looks just like the hero of “Planes” but unmistakably sounds just like him.  He has 40 sounds and phrases direct from the movie and you children will have hours fun recreating some of the adventures.

This toy requires batteries for Full Functionaliy, but your little one can play with Dusty without batteries just as well.  Push the plane across the floor and his propeller turns, and you can pick it, just like any toy plane, and “fly” it through the air.

There are only 3 pieces with this set the plane and 2 controls so there are no small parts to be lost or cause a choking hazard.

Dusty’s Cons

The toy requires 4 AA and 2 AAA batteries for full function play, however as noted above it can be played with manually as well.

Dusty Crophopper Wing Control RC Plane doesn’t actually fly, but is meant to be played with on the ground when using RC controls.  We have found most kids simply pick it up when they want it to “fly” but if you are looking for a toy that actually flys on its own power, this would not be the right choice. For you.


The Dusty Crophopper Wing Control RC Plane is an excellent choice for any fan of Disney’s “Planes.”  It allows kids to relive some of the daring flights from the movie and create their own adventures.  Weather playing with the RC controllers or manually it is a sturdy, fun, interactive toy that is sure to provide hours of fun.

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